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How it Works

NOVA Wireless Towers NOVA Wireless Towers

The Canopy access points mounted on towers are connected to a gigabit fiber optic Internet connection. The wireless link between the access points on our tower and the outdoor wireless equipment at the customers location is a proprietary system that uses authentication and encryption to protect against rogue users and attackers.

Customer Wireless Equipment

A 18" high x 24" wide dish and radio unit are mounted outside at the customer's location. This wireless equipment connects directly to one of our tower sites.

Outdoor Wireless Equipment
Cat 5 Network Cable Cat 5 Network Cable

The outdoor radio connects to a the customer's computer or router using a outdoor rated Category 5 Ethernet cable. An indoor AC adapter powers the outdoor radio over the Cat 5 cable.

Modem/Wireless Router

A modem/wireless router lets the customer connect multiple computers and mobile devices in their home to the Internet.

Wireless Router

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