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  Tired of slow and unreliable satellite Internet or cellular broadband?

NOVA Wireless now offers fast reliable Internet speeds up to 25 Mbps to the rural countryside of Northern Virginia!

NOVA Wireless is a family owned and operated wireless Internet service provider (WISP) serving Fauquier, Loudoun, Prince William, Clarke and Warren Counties in Northern Virginia. We deliver very reliable, fast broadband Internet access to underserved rural areas.

Cut The Cables, Contracts and Overage Fees - With NOVA Wireless you don't need phone, cable, satellite or cellular service! Our no overage fees, no term contract broadband Internet service uses land-based towers on mountain tops to provide a very reliable wireless high speed Internet connection to your house.

Much Faster, More Reliable Than Satellite and 4G - NOVA Wireless delivers low "ping" times comparable to FiOS, Comcast and Cox cable Internet, resulting in an Internet experience that is much faster and more reliable than both satellite Internet (affected by long "ping" times and weather) and 4G cellular broadband (affected by weak/no cellular coverage areas).

Superior Technology That's Reliable - NOVA Wireless uses Canopy wireless equipment made by Motorola/Cambium Networks. Canopy Wireless was designed to be a robust, highly reliable outdoor wireless platform that can deliver the fast Internet speeds of the city to remote rural areas not even served by cellular providers. Our customers enjoy consistently fast speeds - even during prime time when everyone is online. The Canopy equipment on our towers keeps track of how many times a subscriber has lost their connection to our tower. This gives us a running history of how well subscribers are connecting to our towers so we know of a problem before the customer does.

Excellent Technical Support - The same people that own and operate the business can also provide over-the-phone and in-home or office technical support. Should there ever be a system outage we do everything we can to quickly restore service.

Good Value - Our basic service is about the same price as satellite Internet and 4G cellular broadband without the overage fees and doesn't require a term contract!

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